Complete Streets Forum 2012 - Themes

In 2010, the Forum explored the principles of Complete Streets and how to move from ideas to policy. The 2011 program focused on “Building Alliances” to face multifaceted transportation challenges in public, private, and non-profit sectors. A key issue that emerged from the 2011 Forum was the importance of implementation tools beyond policy such as updated technical standards, embracing innovation, and further public education and engagement methods.

The Complete Streets Forum 2012 themes focus on the policy, design, and community engagement that get complete streets built.

1.  Incorporating Complete Streets Language into Policy

Canada has succeeded in creating a handful of Complete Streets policies while the United States boasts over three hundred. Complete Streets planning and design vary based on the size and other physical characteristics of a community or city, all with successful outcomes. There are many players involved in adopting policy, funding, and building complete streets from the private and public sector. Learn from their approaches and find the most appropriate one for your community.

2.  Complete Streets on the Ground

Updated engineering standards and design guidelines create streets that accommodate active transportation, the most vulnerable street users, and multiple modes. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Complete Streets design. The key to adopting Complete Streets is providing engineers and planners with updated tools to support implementation.

3.  Building Community with Complete Streets

Complete Streets have benefits beyond increased mobility, including social, economic, and environmental impacts. Stakeholder engagement and community consultation frequently guide the adoption of pedestrian, cyclist and transit oriented policies. After being implemented, these streets host a range of activities and become community gathering places. Walkable, bikeable, and livable streets contribute to economic vitality and higher property values for businesses and residents.